A.S.O benefit plans can help your business reduce your costs, without reducing coverage!

Premiums increasing?

Having to shop carriers every few years?

Tired of the renewal runaround?


Administrative Services Only (ASO) are health and dental plans which offer cost savings, flexibility and independence for your benefits plan.

With an ASO benefits plan you only pay for the benefits your employee use. You only pay an insurance company the cost for adjudicating and processing the claim, resulting in administration fees that are low and transparent.  You are in control at renewal, not the insurance company, you are able to set the funding levels and decide what to do with any surplus. Strong protection from catastrophic claims is provided by low cost Stop Loss and Emergency Medical protection. Switching to an ASO plan is completely transparent for employees, they will see no difference in how the plan operates.

By using ASO Health, Dental and Short Term Disability benefits, employers enjoy

  • Plan and Premium Flexibility

  • Lower administration costs

  • Elimination of insurance company profit and risk charges

  • Improved cash flow

  • Total control over your employee benefit program


Qualifying for a ASO plan is easy.

  • All firms should have 20 or more employees.

  • Accurate claims experience for at least the past 2 years.

  • The firm needs to have the cash flow capabilities to pay a variable monthly billing.


How does it work?

Like your traditional plan, an insurance company or trust company handles all the day to day administration, adjudicating and paying claims, as well as providing service and support you are used too. However, rather than paying a flat premium each and every month, you receive an invoice for the actual claims submitted by your employees that month. You pay for only the claims your employees submit, plus a low, fully disclosed administration fee. If claims are low you pay very little. If claims are high, an affordable Stop Loss policy protects the employer from any large claims.


What does it cost?

  • ASO Admin Fees vary with the size of the group, and claims paid, typical fees range from 6% of paid claims for a 100 life group to 12% of paid claims for a 20 life group. 

  • Travel Health premiums are approximately $2.00 per single and $4.00 per family. 

  • Stop Loss Insurance premiums depend on the deductible level purchased. A typical $10,000 deductible will cost approximately 5% of paid claims.

  • Advisor Commission varies with the size and complexity of the group, our typical fees are 4% of paid claims, substantially lower than on an insured plan.





Health Care Claims



Admin Fee (10%)



Stop Loss (5%)



Travel Insurance (5%)



Advisor Fee (4%)



Total Cost (Claims + 21.5%)


 Vs. Expected Insurance Premium ~$44,500







Dental Care Claims



Admin Fee (10%)



Advisor Fee (4%)



Total Cost (Claims + 14%)


Vs. Expected Insurance Premium ~$64,500







Annual Savings ~ 23%





After taking the time to fully understand what our insured benefits plan was costing us and why, moving to an ASO plan was an easy decision. We were able to reduce costs, increase benefits and improve the employee experience without increasing risk. A real no brainer.


- Trevor A. F. Jones, Vice President, Finance & Operations Terapeak


We have had the privilege to use the services of HMR Employee Benefits for many many years, and we have always found their service to be exemplary.  Rob is always available to answer our staff’s questions, and the group plans he has recommended have always been extremely competitive, saving our company and our employees a lot of money over the years.

- Marc Furnémont, Controller HSM Insurance Services Inc.


 My initial feeling was to steer clear of going with an ASO benefits plan when Rob put forward the idea. The thought of adding more workload and responsibility to my day wasn’t appealing to me.

But, within the first 2 months I realized the work load was very minimal, and I could see the savings already. The learning curve was very short, and now I spend less time administering the plan than I did while I was with an insured plan. (a lot less).

To date:   I was able add value to our plan and lower the premiums by over 30% for our employee’s.  Add to that, we have built up a surplus of 9 months worth of premiums.

To say, Going with an ASO was a good decision, is an understatement.

-Steve Nicholson Payroll and Benefits Administrator Strathcona Hotel of Victoria Ltd.

We have set up sucessful ASO benefits plan for many of our clients including:


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