Hiring foreign workers?

If you are hiring foreign workers traveling to Canada from abroad there are some things you need to know.

All Canadians and landed immigrants are covered by the Medical Services Plan of BC. MSP provides our primary medical care should we need to see a doctor or receive medical treatment in a hospital.

New immigrants to Canada must wait up to three (3) months before they become eligible for MSP coverage. If you are sponsoring their travel to Canada as an employer you may be liable for any medical claims incurred while the employee is not covered by MSP.

Rather than risk a catastrophic medical claim potentially costing thousands of dollars we can provide your workers with temporary Visitor to Canada medical insurance which provides the same benefits as MSP during the 3 month waiting period.

Please contact Pamela Lewis at (250) 592-4614 in Victoria or Toll Free 1-888-592-4614 for more information.



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