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Group Insurance

Group Insurance and Employee Benefits

Whether your company is looking to start or improve your benefits plan, or you are looking to reduce costs, we can help. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff specializes in group insurance. We have the expertise needed to make informed decisions about your group insurance plan. If you've ever been frustrated by an unpaid claim or feel like your insurance contract is written in another language, we can help solve your insurance problems, explain how group insurance really works, and most importantly, make your life easier, safer and ensure you and your employees are properly protected. Learn more about group insurance and employee benefits >

Personal InsuranceWe also provide Personal Insurance, Savings, and Financial Planning to the employees of our group clients and the public at large, not only in Victoria but across BC and Alberta. We provide Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, and Critical Illness Insurance to protect yourself and your loved ones from unforeseen events. Our Individual Savings Plans provide returns similar to mutual funds, but also provide certain benefits and guarantees that no mutual fund can offer, such as principal and death benefit guarantees, as well as protection from creditors. Business owners in Victoria can take advantage of the tax sheltering offered by Universal Life Insurance while simultaneously enhancing their estate. Learn more about permanent life insurance >

Quick Links

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Updated News

April 4, 2012
Holiday Closure

HMR Employee Benefits Ltd. is observing the following holiday hours.

Friday April 6 CLOSED
Monday April 9 CLOSED

In the event of an emergency such as a Life Insurance claim, please contact: Robert Reynolds 250-220-0495


May 30, 2011
Office Move

Effective May 30, 2011 we will be moving to a new office across the street from our old location. Our new address will be:

Suite 206 Athlone Court
2187 Oak Bay Avenue
Victoria, BC
V8R 1G1

Our phone/fax/email will remain unchanged.


HMR Employee Benefits Ltd. 206-2187 Oak Bay Avenue - Victoria , BC V8R 1G1 PHONE: (250) 592-4614 - TOLL FREE: 1-888-592-4614 Fax: (250) 592-4953 - EMAIL:
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