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HMR Insurance designs custom life, health and dental benefits for groups in Victoria and area. Our expertise in designing cost-effective employee benefit plans, our product knowledge, and our personal service will save you money in the long run on your plan.




Traditional Insurance Plans

The most common form of benefits plan is the Traditional Group Insurance Plan. Plans provide a wide range of benefits - an employer pays a monthly insurance premium and the insurance company agrees to pay any claims incurred by employees. If you have ever had benefits at work it was likely set up in this manner. [More about Traditional Group Insurance Plans]

Hybrid Insurance Plan

With growing pressures on traditional plans due to rising health care costs, a new surge in self insurance is occurring. Rather than take on all the risk associated with a benefits plan, a hybrid plan allows the employer to pay for the predictable, affordable expenses with a low cost HWT, and use stop loss insurance to protect the benefits plan against any catastrophic claims. [More about our hybrid insurance plans]

Self Directed - Administrative Services Only (ASO)

Once only availible to Large Businesses, ASO plans are now offered to small busineses with 20 or more employees. With an ASO plan your claims are your bill. Our low plan administration fees keep you from paying too much, and affordable Stop Loss and Travel Medical Insurance protect your company from risk. [More about Administrative Services Only plans]

Health and Welfare Trust

A Health and Welfare Trust enabled a company to pay for medical, dental, critical illness and disability insurance with before-tax dollars. [More about Health and Welfare Trusts]

Our Employer and Group Insurance Providers

We work with the top providers in Canada. See who our preferred insurance providers are and why.

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